Graduation of the second participants to the Hive Women’s Leadership Program Algeria

And we are closing 2019 with a second group of women graduating from the Hive Women’s Leadership Program Algeria!

The program was launched in April 2019 with two goals : building a community of women supporting each other and helping women from our community launch their projects. Thanks to this program, not only did we manage to ring awareness to the possibility to women to do what they would like and open them to the idea of starting their own project but also we have empowered five women to start off their one project.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, the first group of the Hive Women’s Leadership Program Algeria graduate three women in July; couple of month later it is two women who are joining the community.

Indeed, these women showed again an interested in starting companies but also have been part of the support community. These five women, while they haven’t had always the opportunity of meeting in person, were there for each other throughout the process.

As we all know, entrepreneurship can be an isolating journey and definitively with a lot of ups an downs. Some of them wanted to quit, some put a pause to their projects… They went through it all but they lived it together and they encouraged each other, even calling each other out not to give up!

These women are fierceful and resourceful. Here are the two projects which came out of this second session :

Lilya’s project Lueur d’Art Concept Store, a venue in Blida, Algeria dedicated to organic cosmetics and artisanal products. The idea is to have a place where craftsmen and consumers can meet. Therefore changing mentalities and promote local crafts and arts

Ikram’s project : Tumast, is a Tamasheq word which means “Essence”. It is an enterprise that plays the role of an ecological and cultural laboratory. The aim is to support companies or individuals to adopt a lifestyle that is ecologically sustainable and psychologically healthy. We offer practical solutions through training, services and products that bring respect for oneself, for others and for nature.
Find the project, discover more, support it and share :

Congratulation to these women again!

It is only the start of their journey and our journey together, supporting each other!

In 2020 , we do hope to come back and have more groups!
This endeavour would then translate to a greater community of women supporting each other, launching their projects, speaking up and using their voices!

In the meantime, you can have more information about our program here :

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