We are a global management consulting firm serving the private, public and social business sectors.

Each company, which aims to develop, puts its future in the hands of its sales team, their ability to present the company and its offer to the best of their skills, every day and in front of each prospect/customer.

Businesses, especially SMEs, know that they need this quality sales effort to ensure their development. However, a large number of recruits have a technical background, even though they are part of a sales team that must be at the forefront of the commercial action.

To answer to these issues, Pitch World Fast supports you in order to ensure a real and better representation of your company, based on the rich pool of your human resources, their expertise and capabilities and by developing their commercial skills ( better selling themselves, the company, its services and products) – a stepping stone towards increasing your sales


Back to Basics

Sales fundamentals, sales approach, customer relationship

Persistence Beats Resistance

Strengthen the knowledge and learn how to adapt to each client’s style as well as the company’s evolution and its offering

Always Be Closing

Focusing on the customer, finding the right prospects, dealing with objections

On Day In The Shoes

Role play, training, on the field methods

Management & Sales Leadership

Basics of sales management, how to guide commercial performances and motivate your team

Pitch Yourself

How to present at best your company and yourself


While our training will give you the basics and guide you to get some extra tools, we believe coaching can be and is a solution for not only following up with people we trained within their companies but for YOU, for YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Are you ready to take on the next step? Do you want to:


Step 1: Start with a free 20 minute consultation to discover if coaching is the right fit for you.

Step 2: Book your initial consultation where we will explore your goals and how you may benefit from working with us. We will work together to create a custom plan to reach your goals and feel reach to rock!

PRICING: 250 Euros| 60 mins

Step 3: Choose your “Coaching Package”


4 session pack of 60 minute sessions | 

880.00 Euros

8 session pack of 60 minute sessions | 

1600.00 Euros

If you’re interested in working together, please contact us to set up a free 20 minute consultation.


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