EURL with HQ in Strasbourg, France

With an international focus especially emerging markets such as Algeria

Scope Of Activities

3 Main Sectors: Energy, Healthcare, Agriculture/Agro-ingustry/Agri-food

+8 Years Of Experiences In Sales

All around the world with C-level executives & regulators in strategic industries for each of these countries


Initially founded in Strasbourg, international and European capital, Pitch World Fast is a consulting and training company specialized in business development.

Today we are a Nomad enterprise enabling us to be even closer to our clients and work hand in hand with our partners and this whatever their country or activity.


The company has been created in order to share with our clients the best sales and business development practices learnt throughout our different missions around the world, where culture, adaptation, language and strategy are key.

It is about establishing with our clients long term strategies and give them all the necessary tools to differentiate themselves and meet their target clients or partners.

Since 2015, we deliver our best to our valuable clients.

We are a nomad, internationally based business development and project management firm serving private and public sectors. We help our clients make significant growth and achieve their sales goals.

Our world is interconnected, our market is not just our national one anymore. Companies and people need to play on the international field, with no limits, no borders. Be fearless and get out of their comfort zone!
Our team is dedicated to share with you the best international practices in your sector for your growth and well as ready to go directly on the field with you, no matter the place, to help you achieve your objectives.

Why Pitch World Fast

We have the on-the-field experience, we share with you the knowledge, understandings and tactics that we have personally learnt and used to help you improve you sales techniques, support you in your growth and enter international markets.

Long Term Business Development

Your company development lies in your team, your strategy and your markets. We have built our solutions to make sure to be here with you on each aspect, one step at a time, when and where you need us for you not only to meet your target but to exceed them


Values which defines us in order to serve at best
our clients who are our priority number 1


We take on each project with dynamism, energy and efficiency while ensuring that our team is a 100% dedicated to each and every project


Our strength is our persistence, as we always say « persistence beats resistance » and this is why our logo is a Phoenix. Like the Phoenix, we rebirth from our ashes with our clients whatever the challenge and move on adapting strategies and approaches to the new rules of the game.


Thanks to our international experience, we provide you with a fresh and new approach to tackle differently and creatively your different problematics.


Each project we take on is managed in full transparency and in partnership with our clients. We share with them all the needed and relevant information in order to deliver the given project and meet to their requirements.


Project Management

Handling our clients projects to grow their sales in their domestic market or through exports



Organising specific meetings for our clients with potential clients or partners to increase their portfolio


Export Trade Mission

Organising international trade mission for our clients to explore new markets


Coaching & Training

Accompanying on a one-on-one base or sales team to develop business or sales skills



Pitch World Fast is devoted to help its clients face their challenges and
take on successfully the different opportunities in our global economy

We are supporting you and your business to grow thanks to our expertise, field knowledge,
market experience and the network we have been building

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