Participation of Pitch World Fast at the Hive Leadership Retreat, March 2018

Following our participation to the Tunisia Health Expo thanks to CEPEX in Tunis, we had planned to participate to the Hive Leadership Retreat in California.

We have heard a lot from it and this network but wanted to try it and see what we could learn from it. It was set to happen from the 23rd till 25th of March at 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley.

The retreat was organised by Ryan Allis and his team from Hive.

Hive is the global membership community for leaders entrepreneurs making a positive impact on humanity with over 3,200 alumni and members in 130 countries, built upon the pillars of personal growth, purpose, and global impact.

During the retreat, we would be participating to conferences, masterminds, group session, breathing work. What was interesting is that all the people who were attending were founders, entrepreneurs looking at serving their communities, contributing to improving their society, the ecosystem they evolve in, doind business with real purpose and vision while at the same time remembering to focus o themselves and their personal physical and mental health.

The topics ranged from : product developement, rapid prototyping, leadership, capital investment, mental health for founders, media coverage, Tai Chi, Self Hypnosis, Meditation….

Not only did we meet people with great positive energy, ambitious and conscious about the realities and challenges of the world but we came back with amazing resources and tools, such as the One Page Strategic Plan, as well as an amazing network based on exchange, growth and sharing.

We are looking forward to participating again to their future events and contribute to the community in our own way as well.

To find out more about the network and joing the community you can have a look at their website :

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