Graduation of the first participants to the Hive Women’s Leadership Program Algeria

They did it! We did it!!

After 12 sessions of coaching, we are proud to share with you that the 3 women who have followed the first group of the Hive Women’s Leadership Program Algeria have finished it and received their certification.

The graduation took pleace at CapCowork, an incubator and coworking space in Sidi Yahia, Algiers where we used to have the sessions.

These women were strong and really built this support system together. Not only did they develop their project but there were present to support each other, motivate and encourage each other. We have started building this community of not only women entrepreneur but of women supporting each other.


The goal of the program is to help women be more confident, trust themselves, find what they love and give birth to a project from their passion.

A project can be anything, we do not aske them to create associations, companies, or anything like that. On the contrary, it is important for us that they do come up with their own idea and figur out what they want to do without limiting them.


These women chose to all start a company, and by the end of the program had the outline of their projects and an action plan. Therefore, we are proud to share them with you today! :

Ilhem’s project :Sac à tours is a project which aims at contributing to the socio-economic inclusion of women artisans and young people in difficult & remote areas in Algeria. In other words, through the creation and organization with them of eco-touristic circuits, resulting in generating income to this population.
You can follow her, support her and share her project here :

Yasmine’s project Ôplaisir : The creation of a culinary brand. Its goal : bringing together the citizens, raising awareness and federating a community around values. Indeed, Ôplaisir’s values are the pleasure of sharing, eating better, living healthy, thinking and positively impacting.
You can follow her, support her and share her project here : 

Nadra’s project : a secret worth waiting for, we will keep you posted !

Join us to celebrate these women, their accomplishment and contribute to their success 🙂

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