2019 Round Table

Establishment of Essential Drug List

2019 e health

Define the objective of establishing the list of essential drugs for the authorities and the population.
- Put internal standards but responding to the specificities of each: CHU / EPH / EPH nearby
- Economic Aspects: State Expenditure Management
- Logistics aspects (shortage management) & drug supply chain

Method of establishing the list – Get inspired or even do an update or improvement of the current registered drug nomenclature, which could be used as a roadmap.
– Identification of targeted pathologies to meet the needs of the largest number of the population: how many patients are concerned?
– Drug Selection Basis: Efficacy, Adverse Reactions, Costs, Innovation, Availability, Quality, Price

Method of establishing the list: – What forms of drugs?
– Which therapeutic classes?
- The INN nomenclature of 1997 to update the therapeutic classes essentially supported by Algeria.
– Draw inspiration from the work of WHO and other countries in the question of the number of drugs to choose for rational use of medicines

Definition of the committee responsible for drawing up the list – How to choose them?
– Volunteer / skills base
– Call for application / Designated by the authority?
Highlight the conflict of interest and lobbying issues of the pharmaceutical industry
– Which actors involved: generalists, specialists, pharmacists, industry, oms, nurses


Attending Experts

Nabil Menasria


Pr. Lars Gustafsson


Dr. Hanoune


Dr. Mokhtar Ndiye

Director general of Pharmacy, Ministry of Health, Senegal

Pr. Thomas