2021 Africa Webinar

Implementing Projects in Africa

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The Covid 19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on healthcare systems & national economies around the world and in Africa, especially because of the burden that it caused to national public accounts/budget, the closures of companies, the interruptions of the national and international logistic chains among other things. The Africa Free Trade Zone Agreement (AfCFTA) can therefore be seen as a a post-covid stimulus mechanism for Africa economic recovery and stimulating prosperity on the continent.

The AfCFTA is an opportunity to accelerate industrialization and stimulate production through the development of regional value chains on the continent enabling manufacturing companies and the agri-food industry to supply the continental market and made energy affordable and accessible. It is designed to harmonize the workings of each country system to provide them with the right Standard to improve the economic possibilities of the continent

Government should work their best to improve their commercial/payment relations with the private sector, provide a certain amount of predictability and stability in the regulatory environment, improve the perception of the investors on Africa and risk on the continent.

Even with the transition to digital economies, Africa need to build and strengthening their physical infrastructure that allows the digital infrastructure to function

Global value chain can play a major role in African integration, especially on the commercial aspect. Important points though are to have global value chains lens for infrastructure development and highlight the importance of regional collaboration in global value chains

The AfCFTA is a learning curve where the government will have to find the best models to benefit the countries, the region, the continent and its actors, private and public and bring value, increase competitiveness.


Attending Experts

Pomy Ketema

Counsel, Baker McKenzie LLP

W. Guyde Moore

Senior Policy Fellow, Center for Global Development

Oliver Harman

Cities Economist, Cities That Work

If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here