2020 Africa Webinar

Strengthening the African economies & cooperation

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The importance for the strengthening of the African economies to focus on:
- Energy
- Agriculture & agro industry/system to ensure food security
- Healthcare to protect the population & provide them with the needed care
- Education to have the right capacity, human resources & skills

With the Agenda 2063 of the African Union for the industrialization of Africa, we are looking at :
- Diversifying the economies as a priority to have more balanced economies
- Strengthening the structural transformation so that the weight of the primary sector decreases in favor of the secondary and tertiary sectors.
- Ensuring that agricultural products that are exported can be processed & transformed in Africa to be exported
- Carry out the structural transformation of the economy through industrialization

The African Free Trade Area represents a market of around 1.2 billion people; it should bring together the 55 member states of the African Union, and could be considered the largest free trade area in the world by the number of countries involved. Africa would gained everything from this trade area as it will enhance its natural, human and innovative technological potential, and will find a framework for its growth & improvement

The development of inter-African trade will allow countries to know each other better, to know what is happening in the different countries, and to achieve an optimal exchange. It will help foster the conditions for achieving development, and limit illegal immigration, with employment, security and peace opportunities linked to development progress, if properly supported by politicians and investors


Attending Experts

Dr Mustapha Mekidech

Former chairman of the African Country Review Mechanism (ARPM) Panel, International expert in the field of energy

Mailu Mwau

founder at Sultan Green Technologies

Saurabh Sinha

Chief of social policy section at UN Economic Commission for Africa ECA

Mr Ahmed Bennis

The Secretary General of Africa Economic Zones Organization (AEZO) and African Ports Task Force (APTF), the Group Business Development Director at Tanger Med

Bakari Traoré

Economist at OECD Development Centre