2022 Africa Webinar

African Medicines agency and AfCFTA: African healthcare harmonization and regional integration

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Greater public health and safety concerns occur as a result of the AfCFTA being implemented, which makes Africa the largest integrated market and provides access to a market with over 1.2 billion potential consumers without tariffs. To ensure the safety of the 1.2 billion people in Africa from fake, inferior, and counterfeit goods and services, it will be even more crucial to have a robust regulatory framework and regulations.

For AMA to have a continental reach it needs to increase its member states parties (member states that have ratified and deposited its treaty). Until the 55 countries sign and ratify the treat, AMA will only have mandates within the 22 member states

The African Medical Association (AMA) will act as the continental regulatory body to coordinate ongoing regulatory systems, strengthen and harmonize efforts of the African Union-recognized Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Regional Health Organizations (RHOs), and Member States, and increase capacity of States Parties and AU recognized Regional Economic Communities (RECs) ( After the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, AMA is the second Specialized Agency of the African Union (Africa CDC).)


Attending Experts

Dr. Moses G.P.Chisale

Technical Advisor, SIDS Pooled Procurement program, WHO Regional Office for Africa

Dr. Janet Byaruhanga

Senior Programme Officer - Public Health, AUDA - NEPAD

Hilina Wassihun

Division of Health Systems, Diseases and Nutrition Department of Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development African Union Commission


If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here