2020 Africa Webinar

Economic relaunch during Covid-19

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All economies, whether developed or developing countries, have been affected by Covid-19

Governments have the dilemma of safeguarding health of their citizens and equally salvaging the economy arising from the pharmaceutical

There should also be greater coordinated public-private sector partnership recovery policy agenda with all stakeholders in health and business anchored on scientific evidence regarding balancing health and the economy that aligns to an informed systems approach and cost-sharing strategies in re-opening or economic relaunch, without possible resurgence of the virus.

Government had to put it please some measure to mitigate the impact of the crisis and support its economy and companies who have seen a slow-down in their activities as well as the workers

The Covid 19 health crisis has highlighted the issue of pharmaceutical independence and sovereignty

Countries Attending

Attending Experts

Pr. Ukertor Gabriel Moti

Pr. Ukertor Gabriel Moti, Professor of Public Sector Management and Governance, Department of Public Administration, University of Abuja

Dr. Adam M. SELAMNIA (Ph.D. / MBA)

Founder of the Health Working Group of the Business-Club France-Luxembourg, member of the expert group The Alchemists.

Alassane BA

Expert in Pharmaceutical Quality System and Business Intelligence

If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here