2021 Africa Webinar

Pharmaceutical Production

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Covid 19 has shown the importance of self-sufficiency in the domestic market to ensure access, equity and affordability to essential medicines to African population and to promote pharmaceutical export
- Covid 19 has put additional demands on health systems & governments had to cope with supply constraints due to industrial shutdowns, export restrictions, transport disruptions etc

Local production ensure equitable availability of essential & affordable medicines with health commodities and effective technology and of high quality. It would ensure Accessible, Available, Affordable, Safe, Effective Medicines

Governments have shown different types of initiatives to support the pharmaceutical production, proof of integrated political will
- Establishment of health insurance to improve demand and meet market needs
- Improvement of the business environment
- Include all the different stakeholders such as other ministries (Finance, Economy, Health etc), Private stakeholders, International actors (ONUDI, African Union etc)


Attending Experts

Alastair West

Lead Pharmaceutical Industry Expert, UNIDO

Dr. Margaret Agama-Anyetei

Head of the Health, Nutrition and Population Division of the African Union Department for Social Affairs

If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here

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