2021 Africa Webinar

African Agriculture Transformation & collaboration

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African countries economies for a lot are based on agriculture Governments priorities till today are on Africa industrialisation, food security, healthcare with the goal of providing its population with better lives and better livelihoods.
- The agricultural sector in lot of African countries contribute to the countries’ growth, employment and reducing poverty especially in rural areas.

Governments need to integrate in their strategies the right incentives, have a holistic view, work on the value chain from the raw material to final product (farming, storage, handling, processing….)

Governments are to develop the right strategies to boost & diversify their agricultures. Governments need to ensures that the general framework is favorable to these sectors for both producers and the industry for transformation & commercialisation.

Technology is playing more and more an important role in agriculture and becoming a competitive advantage and part of high end commercial value chain. Africa need to consider the role of technology, include it in its long term strategy especially with the emergence and growing importance of agritech, blockchain . Embracing it represent a real opportunity for the growth markets


Attending Experts

Omri Van Zyl

CEO, Agri SA

Onyema Damian Ihedioha

Division Manager, Agribusiness Development Division (AHAI.1) Agriculture and Agro Industry Department African Development Bank

If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here