2021 Africa Webinar

Africa Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is one of the key elements that can allow innovation as well as foster inclusive and sustainable growth in Africa
- The digital economy presents a new ecosystem, composed of sectors that use internet and digital platforms to transactability and offer services, that includes government to citizens, business to customers, and business to business.
- ICT is an intersectoral sector, important to come and coordinate intra and intersectoral at the regional level to optimize resources and effort to pool what each industry can bring

There are five pillars as foundations for the growth of digital economy and for it to play a greater roles in the overall economy. Among the pillars are digital government, digital business, infrastructure, innovation, entrepreneurship and digital skills and values.

The objective of the Digital Transformation Strategy is to harness digital technologies and innovation, to transform Africa’s societies and economies, to promote Africa’s integration, generate inclusive growth, stimulate job creation, address the digital divide and eradicate poverty to secure the benefits of the digital revolution for socio-economic development enabling environment, policy and regulation, digital infrastructure, digital skills and human capacity, digital innovation and entrepreneurship, digital industry, digital trade and financial services, addressing the needs of digital government, digital education, digital health and digital agriculture.


Attending Experts

Jean-Paul Adam

Director, Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Division, UNECA

Andrew Rugege

Regional Director for Africa, ITU

Thang Nguyen-Quoc

Economist, Africa unit, OECD Development Centre

John Omo

Secretary General, African telecommunication Union

If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here

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