2021 Africa Webinar

Creating a research and clinical research environment in Africa

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African countries need to understand that research must be a put and seen as a priority and clearly valued in institutions as well as through funding.

Research can inform policies and practice providing the needed data and information to protect, to detect and then to diagnose any disease of public health importance thus helping in
▪ developing health security
▪ strengthening health system to be able to move forward in terms of protection
▪ diagnosis of disease
▪ improving the pandemics preparedness

Research should be responsive to the needs of the country. Countries should establish a research agenda that provides the scope in terms of research, a blueprint for all research institutes including academia - they have to refer this document to make sure that the research being done is responsive to the needs
▪ There should be strong linkages with Ministry of Health to translate any research findings that we've found to practice and policy


Attending Experts

Dr. Margaret Agama Anyetei

Ag Director Health & Humanitarian Affairs Directorate, African Union Commission

Dr. Yukari Manabe

Professor of Medicine, John Hopkins University, Associate Director of Global Health & Research, John Hopkins Center for Global Health

Jean Marie Vianney Habarugira

Senior Project Officer, European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)

If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here