2021 Africa Webinar

Management & Fight against Non Communicable Diseases

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Africa is more and more transition toward Non communicable Diseases (NCDs), ie NCDs are becoming more of challenge if compared to communicable diseases.
- There is an increased in number of morbidity and mortality related to NCDs on the continent with the most prevalent ones being : cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, pulmonary diseases, violence and injuries, mental illness

As the continent and most African countries are working toward the establishment of Universal Healthcare (UHC)
- Governments need to ensure to have the adequate facilities, equipments and related resources (human, material, financial) available to patients that are needed it

While prevention is key in regard to the fight against NCDs, there have been worldwide tremendous efforts and innovation in terms of the treatments however it poses the problem and challenge to access due to the high prices & the affordability of these treatments especially publicly funded ones and patients who have to pay out of pocket. This leads to greater levels of inequality.


Attending Experts

Lucia Gozzo, MD

Clinical Pharmacologist

David Epstein

Associate Professor, Department of Applied Economics, University of Grenada, Spain

If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here