2020 Africa Webinar

New Healthcare Systems in the era of covid-19

Importance that all Africa be represented and exchange on healthcare matters with representation from the different regions as the realities of the healthcare systems are different and experiences to share are numerous

Importance to have an African initiative to work together for all the healthcare systems to have a healthcare system adapted to the African realities

Covid 19 has pushed and forced the healthcare sector to be more agile. Countries and healthcare authorities need to think nowadays post covid 19

Importance of having an emergency strategy in place in each country to able to deploy it with 48 -72h adapted to its reality and healthcare system

Having a clear national policy and strategy is important to make sure not to waste resources, duplicate action or have reverse action

The importance of ensuring that the right care is provided to the population in addition to have a healthcare strategy and hospital preparedness in case of healthcare emergencies.


Attending Experts

Dr. Benjamin Djoudalbaye

Head of Policy, Health Diplomacy & Communication African Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Africa CDC

Dr. Ahmad Safwat

International healthcare quality consultant and board member of the Egyptian General Authority of Healthcare Accreditation & regulation (GAHAR),

Dr. Yahia Chebloune

PhD, HDR, Research Director, Laboratoire Pathogénèse et Vaccination Lentivirales

Dr. John Oladejo

Director Health Emergency, Preparedness and Response Department, National Incident Manager, COVID-19 Response; Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Nigeria

Dr. Izhar Mahdjoub

IT & Healthcare expert