2021 Africa Webinar

Climate Change & Africa

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Climate change is real. And it's a big issue today, because it's a threat to socio economic development, not just in Africa, but globally.
- It not only one country nor one industry involved on this matter. Everyone is impacted & should be involved
▪ Globally, we are all affected. Therefore there is a need to work together to mitigate the issues of climate change.

Africa is on the front line of the world's climate emergency. worryingly parts of Africa are already warming more quickly than average. While Africa is the least emitter of greenhouse gases contributing less than 5% of global emissions, it is the most vulnerable when it comes to the impacts.
▪ 10 out of the 12 countries most at risk from drought are in Africa. eight out of the top 12 countries affected by agriculture risk are also in Africa
▪ one of the indicators is the increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather and climate events. In Africa, the most common ones are droughts, and floods, which have serious impacts on both lives and property
▪ in the background of climate change, these events are likely to increase both the intensity and frequency which is at risk for the to the socio economic development.
▪ in Africa, the source of livelihood relies on rain fed agriculture. With climate change, then it means that agriculture is distorted. And without agriculture, then economies are weak, and hence, there's limited development, implication hunger cases & limited development.

In addition considering today’s Covid 19 reality, the pandemic could push up to 14 million people into extreme poverty across Sub Saharan Africa, and African women and girls have been the hardest hit
▪ The pandemic became the great amplifier of existing inequalities and unfairness across the world.
▪ COVID pandemic has threatened economic recovery and widened inequality across the globe.


Attending Experts

Victor Ongoma, Ph.D

International Water Research Institute, Mohamed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

Caroline Kende

Senior Adviser, African Center for Economic Transformation

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