2022 Africa Webinar

Africa post COP 26 : Moving forward in the fight again climate change

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As Africa is building up and strengthening its economies, it is important that it prepare itself to future shock and important parameters that will affect its development and change its development strategy. One of the most important issue is the one of climate change. Africa won’t be able to follow the same development and industrial path done by other countries and continent and has to adapt to these new realities.

With a global health crisis, COVID-19 impact, lower global recovery spendings and the current Ukraine war (Russia being a key source of investment recently), FDI inflows into Africa have also been declining knowing that African countries generally getting the least in terms of financing. This being problematic as Africa needs the most investment to be able to address its infrastructure needs new growth strategy, creating more resilient economies that can bounce back after a crisis, that can help address the response to all of these crisis and prevent / have better response to future crisis.

African countries have been the conscious of the climate change negotiation as the least contributors thus each country adapting its documents and strategies to implement a development policy integrating renewable energies


Attending Experts

Jean Paul Adam

Industrial Director, Technology, Climate change and Natural Resource management division, UNECA isation lead, Tony Blair institute

Anna Lehmann

Global Climate policy director, Wildlife Works Carbon


If you are only interested in getting the conclusion/report click here